Chemical Stripping

Surface Products specializes in the Chemical Stripping of coatings on turbine blades and other components that have been either diffused aluminide coated, VPS or HVOF thermal spray metal coated. Parts that contain Nickel, Chrome, Aluminum or other metals can be safely and efficiently stripped in our system. VIEW


Boronizing is a thermochemical diffusion coating that is effective for wear and corrosion. The hardness is approximately 2000 HV. Components in the oil and gas industry that are subject to sour gas are ideal for the boronizing process.  VIEW


Chromizing is a metallurgical process where one or more elements are diffused into steels, stainless steels and nickel and cobalt alloys. The process is designed to provide anti-corrosion properties to the treated components. There can also be a benefit to providing wear resistance to the surface of these parts. VIEW


Aluminizing is a high temperature process where aluminum vapor diffuses into the surface of the base metal forming metallurgical aluminide alloys. The aluminizing process inhibits corrosion to protect the surface of steels. This is a metallurgically bonded process ( diffused) to the base metal. Stainless steels and nickel alloys are ideal for the process. The process is very effective to stop or slow down corrosion in high temperature environments. It’s also effective in resisting the effects of oxidation, sulfidation and carburization. VIEW

Platinum Plating

Among the many benefits of pure platinum plating, it does not oxidize when exposed to pure laboratory air, with or without water vapor, until it reaches high temperatures. The oxidation and hot corrosion resistance of high temperature nickel-base superalloy components can be improved by aluminide coating. VIEW